Different Spinning Techniques

The traditional drop spindles is used for spinning of the various types of fibres into yarn especially by the older women as they are very practiced in its usage and are averse to changing over to more improved and efficient spinning wheels. We suspect that it has to do more with the convenience of the drop spindle which is small and light to carry and you can spin with it almost anywhere, at home or while you are sitting on a boulder and also keeping a watch on your cows, sheep and goats who are grazing on the slope below you.

The younger lots of women prefer to spin with the Charka, which is a hand operated spinning wheel, with a large wheel which is rotated by hand which in turn rotates a spindle which is then used to spin the fiber. The normal spinning of fine and thick yarns is done as per the methods described above of the different kinds of fibers used by us. However the fiber designing is done on the Bradford and similar local spinning wheels, these are operated by feet leaving the hands free to design the pre-spun yarns into different shapes. Here the yarns can be of the same kind or alternatively of different kinds e.g. wool with a silk core or pure angora with a wool core. The yarns can vary in color so you can have multicolor designer yarns