Majority of the products we do are hand knitted. The products made are sweaters [pullovers, cardigans], caps, socks, gloves, leg warmers, stoles and mufflers. Various types of knitting are done which ranges from plain knits to variety of cable designs, raised patterns and their combinations. The various colored yarns are also used to make different products having a range of patterns and designs. The knitting is done in close knits to produce a clean regular fabric to the other extreme in which loose knitting is done on thick needles depending on the kind of look required as well as the type of yarn which is being used.

Normally a single woman will take from four to eight days to knit one garment depending upon its size, pattern and thickness of the yarn. The socks take anywhere from 2 to 4 days and caps from a day or two. The time taken will also vary according to the season of the year or really how much she can spare from her other regular work.