Hand Weaving

The tradition of Wool weaving in Himachal Pradesh is of very ancient origin. Its exquisite textiles woven in tapestry weave over a twill ground in natural shades of wool .The hand weaving is done by the weavers at home and mostly men are involved in the process. The four pedal looms are used for the weaving. The commonly practiced weave for commercially sold Kullu shawls is the twill weave whereas the fabric woven for personal use is mostly woven on the traditional pit looms the simple weave is used to make the fabric. We at Kullu Karishma however weave in a number of weaves ranging from simple weave when designer yarn is used to twill weave for the plain shawl to twill weave to diamond twill or their combinations to weave yardage using angora, eri silk/tussar, local wool or Merino wool which can be handspun or machine spun on a woollen, cotton or silk/tussar warp. A single weaver can weave from one meter to five meters in a day depending on the weave, pattern and the kind of yarn being used